Why contact a car accident attorney?

We can help you get medical treatment and compensated for your pain and suffering. Car accidents vary from minor to catastrophic, and even on the low end of the crash spectrum, injuries can be life changing. Personal injury lawyers are dedicated to help injured clients get compensation for their pain and suffering. Additionally, it is our priority to help clients get the medical treatment necessary to recover from their auto accident. If you or a loved one sustained injuries, it is important to get medical attention immediately. Then you should seek counsel from an experienced and reputable car accident attorney, our lawyers can help you navigate a very difficult process.

It is always recommended to seek the help of a lawyer, even when injuries are moderate.

It is imperative to see a medical professional after any crash, considering symptoms of some injuries may not present themselves immediately after the collision. When bigger injuries are sustained, it is common for the at-fault party’s insurance company will attempt to minimize the damage done to you. When injured victims do not get a car accident attorney, insurance companies will attempt to settle the case quickly which usually means they will offer a significantly lower compensation that may not even be enough to cover all the medical expenses. All insurance companies have a legal team ready to reduce your compensation and increase the company’s profits. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer specialized in car accidents by your side gives you an even playing field.

Scenarios in which getting a car accident attorney is the best course of action:

·         If you or a loved one sustained severe injuries that require hospitalization or resulted in death.

·         When fault is not clear, or the police report has incorrect information.

·         When you are facing expensive medical bills and have no medical insurance to cover them.

·         If the accident is preventing you from working because of your injuries.

How to deal with Insurance companies?

DON’T.  Insurance companies are NOT your best resource when coping with an accident. Insurance agencies present their customers with the idea that they are prepared to cover property damage and medical bills. However, it is their business model to minimize your settlement and maximize their profit.

If you deal with insurance companies alone you could be left with unpaid medical bills and lingering pain or injuries that persist throughout your life. Let a car accident attorney handle your case, so you don’t deal with insurance companies on your own. That is why we are here to help. We are committed to bringing justice for those who have suffered a car accident and are seeking assistance.

What if I don’t have insurance?

State law requires that you have auto insurance. However, in the event you were injured in an accident and were not insured, we encourage you to call to get a free consultation. There are special cases in which we can intervene to help injured parties.

How much does an attorney cost?

Please note that injured victims have nothing to lose by contacting a personal injury attorney specialized in car accidents. Most law firms work on a contingency fee basis, meaning, you are not required to pay anything upfront. Instead, the attorney will charge the legal fees to the insurance of the person at fault for your Bodily Injury Claim.

What sets us a part. As a courtesy to our clients, the compensation we recover for your property damage is 100% yours. Furthermore, even if we cannot  take your case we are happy to offer you sound legal advice regarding your best alternative options.

Proven Track Record

The experienced attorneys at Car Accident Los Angeles effectively negotiate to get you the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. We are California’s premier car accident attorneys, representing injury victims throughout the state with main offices located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. We have the distinction of obtaining over 150 million dollars for our clients within the last 10 years.

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