What is a car accident attorney?

Car accident attorneys are professionals that dedicate their lives to helping injured clients get the medical treatment they need to recover and compensation for their pain and suffering. Insurance companies claim that they are there to help the lives of others, but people should remember that they are still a business and their main job is to make money. This means they will do all it takes to minimize your settlement.

In the end, you could be left with unpaid medical bills and lingering pain/injuries that can last throughout your whole life. No one deserves that unfair treatment especially if it was caused by the negligence of others. That is is why we are here to help. We are here to bring justice to those who has experienced a car accident, injured, and seeking assistance.

How much does an attorney cost?

Most attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning fees are contingent if they successfully obtain a settlement with the insurance company. On our law firm, we are contingent based on if we are able to obtain a settlement on your Bodily Injury Claim. Property damage compensation is 100% yours and we provide the max property damage compensation as a courtesy to our clients. If we do succeed however, we do charge a percentage of the settlement. If we fail, we do not charge you anything.

What if I do not carry insurance?

Carrying insurance is not necessary. Whether or not you have auto insurance or health insurance, you are still entitled to the same compensation and treatment. Those who do not carry auto-insurance is considered “Prop-213” which allows you to collect bodily injury damages only. If you do not have

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